• On this page we will inform you about the announcement and contents of the fair · event done for a limited time only. We will update the new arrival information from time to time so please look forward to it!

【Limited time offer】

  • 【Termination】 【Limited time plan】 Steak fair held!

    【Minori beef sirloin 300 g 2980 yen steak fair 2018 was very popular and it was sold out. 】

    From March 2018

    In the sky roasted sky with kaki Steak Fair Is underway!

    Domestic beef, Hiroshima-made "Sera Minori cattle" sirloin is satisfying 300 g We will offer you!

    What a great price! It is amazing 2980 yen (excluding tax) that can only be made through direct dealings with producers It is offer at!

    It is a unique opportunity to have a steak with Sera Minori Cattle, which is recommended by absolutely confident absolute confidence thanks to a kaki and quartz grilled sky!

    Details of Sera Minori cattle you offer this time can be confirmed from the "Food commitment" page below. Please have a look.


  • New option menu! I will do "Shabu Shabu"!

    In the steak fair holding kaki and crystal quartz sky (ku), add a new option menu!

    It is the most extravagant baked shabu shabu which is "Shabu-shabu" on the quartz plate of our shop Uri's minori cow ribulose produced domestic beef and Hiroshima!

    Moreover, this time by the sky shop owner who knows how to eat tasty Serara Minori cattle How to eat recommended Also suggestions!

    What to use

    · Purchased by direct trading with producers, recommended domestically produced beef with confidence "Sera Minori cattle" from Hiroshima. Among them, a high-grade part that anyone knows [ Ribulose 】.

    · The famous "Morisaki Farm", which is famous for producing vegetables with low softness and low amount of germination 【 Baby leaf 】.

    · Characterized by rich flavor and sweet deep flavor, "Takamitsu poultry farm" 【 Taste raw raw egg 】 With a melted egg.

    · The plenty of Hiroshima oyster flavor "Asamurasaki" 【 Kaki soy sauce 】.

    Using these sky boasting ingredients,

    Introduce a delicious way to eat this time!

    Boasting a strong popularity in our shop, we add an appropriate amount of "Asamurasaki Kaki soy sauce" of Monde Selection highest Gold Award ninth consecutive award to "Takamitsu Potato chicken · Taste real raw egg" used by egg dumpling · Tamagoyaki · Oyakodon I will.

    Sera boat Ribaora Sera boasts sky · We will bake "Shabu Shabu" with quartz plate that pulls out the taste by the far red effect and confines it.

    Deliciously baked shabu-shabu meat, freshness preeminent wrapped in "Baby leaf of Morisaki Farm" of easy taste.

    Please let me fully fill the molten egg prepared in ①, just like "sukiyaki" ♪ Please enjoy ♪

    Sera Minori cattle that are refreshed with oil are easier to eat at Morisaki Farm Baby Leaf. The omelet's soup scented rich Asamurasaki kaki soy sauce and a high light chicken with a lot of delicious taste ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

    Please spoil the new menu once the kaki and quartz grilled sky will recommend this spring with confidence.